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Recently a very close elderly family member fell
down the stairs and was seriously injured.  I want to get the word out about home  safety for our elderly parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends.  At age 80 over half of the seniors fall  every year according to learnnottofall.com.   There are some things we can add
to the home to help minimize the risk.

In the Kitchen:

Insure curtains are far from the kitchen range if
you have a gas range with a pilot late make sure it is equipped with an
automatic cut off in the event of flame failure.  Make sure floors are not slippery and a  light switch is located in an easy to reach location. 
Oven controls should be easy to grip and in the front of the range to the
person does not have to reach over the burners to turn the oven on. 
Oven mitts and hot pads should be kept near the range and a sturdy step
ladder is kept in a closet close by for

In General:

Make sure any rugs have a non –skid pad  underneath and are not worn or torn.   Check smoke detectors and test them while the person is sleeping to
ensure they would hear the alarm in order to respond.   If not, there are smoke alarms that can be placed under the bed mattress
that would vibrate.  Make sure  electrical cords are not old and are not laying in any  walkway.


Steps should be in good condition and free of  objects.  Sturdy handrails should  be on both sides and the stairway clearly lit.  And make sure inside doors do not swing  over stair steps. There are  electrical chairs that can be purchased so the person does not even have to  climb the stairs.  Also, look into  remodeling a room downstairs to create a bedroom for the elderly person with a  full bath that will not require them to even use  stairs.

If you have any repairs for your elderly family member or friend  that is needed in order to ensure their safety or remodel of a room and bathroom
for new living quarters call Xcalibur Remodeling.   We service the following communities:  Ashtabula, Bainbridge, Beachwood,  Bedford, Bratenhal, Burton, Chagrin Falls, Chardon, Chesterland, Cleveland,  Cleveland Heights, Eastlake, Euclid, Garfield, Garrettsville, Geneva,  Highland, Jefferson, Kirtland,
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<![CDATA[Appliance Finishes for KitchenUpdates & Remodels]]>Wed, 31 Oct 2012 20:30:20 GMThttp://xcaliburremodeling.com/2/post/2012/10/appliance-finishes-for-kitchenupdates-remodels.htmlWe have all heard of the popular appliance finish
of stainless steel. Within the past  10 years stainless steel has become more and more popular within homes replacing  the basic white model as the most popular finish.   However, Stainless steel has a new competitor:
Slate is a gray tone metallic finish with less  sheen.  This launched in September  2012 by General Electric. According  to the article on consumer reports located at the following link,
http://news.consumerreports.org/home/2012/09/ges-slate-finish-is-latest-challenger-to-stainless-steel.html, the finish brings more of a rich, warm look for  the appliances.  However, GE has
some competition regarding new finishes. 
Whirlpool has launched the Ice Collection which has a glossy white
On a personal note, my appliances are slowly
going to need replacing and I would like a fashionable finish. 
At first I wanted stainless steel, but now I fear that the moment I buy
stainless steel it will go out of fashion.  On a personal level, I prefer the Slate
over the Ice Collection.  Maybe  it’s because I’ve already had white in my kitchen and would like something new  and warm.  The Ice Collection does
not feel warm; it is more of a cold, shiny finish. 
My personal opinion is that the Slate will build in sales and soon out
pass the Stainless Steel and the Ice Collection will not last

Xcalibur Remodeling services the following communitities: Ashtabula, Bainbridge, Beachwood, Bedford, Bratenhal, Burton,
Chagrin Falls, Chardon, Chesterland, Cleveland, Cleveland Heights, Eastlake,
Euclid, Garfield, Garrettsville, Geneva, Highland, Jefferson, Kirtland,
Lyndhurst, Madison, Mantua, Maple Heights, Mayfield, Mentor, Middlefield,
Newbury, Painesville, Parkman, Pepper Pike, Perry, Russell, Shaker Heights,
Solon, Streetsboro, Troy, University Heights, Wickliffe, Willoughby and

<![CDATA[Remodeling on a budget]]>Mon, 22 Oct 2012 01:45:25 GMThttp://xcaliburremodeling.com/2/post/2012/10/remodeling-on-a-budget.htmlYou love your home, the location is great, schools are
  wonderful, but there are some interior changes you would like to make.  However, it costs money. 
Here are some things to consider when budgeting for a

  1. Don’t   
      try to do everything at once.  Do 
        small projects one at a time.

  2. Set    
    aside a specific amount of money every month for your remodel. 
    Maybe that Christmas Bonus and a few     months of spending less, eating
    in more will go a long way.

  3. Talk    
    to your contractor.  They may be
    able     to work with you on payment options and they do get materials at a less
         price than the general public.

  4. Talk    
    to the bank.  The bank may be able 
        to provide a short term loan, or you can use equity in your home at a low    

Overall, remodeling can be stressful because of the time
and money put into the project. 
Don’t settle though because of money.  If you can’t do what you want because
of money, wait until you can.  
Also, it’s very important to choose a remodeling company that you can
trust who will walk you through the project and give you regular updates.  Also, it’s good just to have a company
where the project manager is easy to approach and talk to. 
Never be afraid to ask questions and ask for referrals.

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